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The sponge stainless a tradition in the kitchen

The stainless steel sponge or stainless steel ball is the tool of choice in professional kitchen for the hobs, grills and furnaces.
The traditional stainless steel ball exists in several grammage but the ball in 60 grams remains the most widespread for a better handling.
The quality of the stainless steel used to make the stainless steel ball is of course the paramount criterion for an effective result and especially to avoid premature oxidation of the product.

Evolution, the sponge stainless steel double face:
Beyond the stainless steel ball, there are now more studied products such as double-sided stainless sponges such as Vileda with the Glitzi or our neutral double-sided stainless steel sponge.
Indeed, the traditional stainless sponges can let out metal wires and deform very quickly.
In addition they are generally very difficult to rinse and do not absorb cleaning product during use.
A double sided sponge is a durable and more hygienic solution.
Double-sided, knitted stainless steel and polyester threads and an absorbent core makes scrubbing stubborn dirt and grease even easier and faster.
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Jex steel stamp 12

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Stainless sponge 2 sides by 2

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Sponge stainless steel ball 60 grs 10

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Stainless sponge glitzi vileda by 2

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Powerinox glitzi sponge vileda pack of 2. Stainless steel double sided sponge. Complies with the HACCP st…

Vileda 21 In stock
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