Aspirator Henry Petcare HPC160 animal hair

Dust vacuum cleaner

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No more pet hair suction problems with the Henry Petcare vacuum! It is designed for you pet owners. The activated carbon microfresh filter significantly reduces odors from your pets throughout your home.

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All about aspirator Henry Petcare HPC160 animal hair

Henry Petcare animal hair has been specially designed for pet owners. The triple-thickness Microfresh filter and activated carbons fight bad odors.
Finally, its accessories allow you to vacuum up and remove all animal hair, on all surfaces.
Henry Petcare has all the features of Henry 160, with added functionality for your pets.
Henry Petcare also provides a significant reduction in bad odors.
The MicroFresh activated carbon filter significantly reduces odors coming from your pets throughout your home.
Thanks to a filling capacity 5 times higher than average, bag changes are much less frequent.
Henry's HepaFlo bags feature a self-locking closure tab.
Unlike many bagless vacuums, they can be emptied without losing dust.
The power of the AiroBrush easily removes stubborn pet hair from all surfaces.
The AiroBrush compact 140 is perfect for tackling pet hair in your car or on the stairs.
The sensors actively suck up clinging hairs.

Technical characteristics:
Power 620 watts
Protection class II
Air flow 32L/second
Depression 2300 mm/CE
Sound level 72 dB (EN60704)
Cable length 10 m
Hose length 2.2 m

Accessories included:
903712 Complete hose 2.20m Ø32mm
601052 NPC stainless steel elbow tube air flow control Ø32mm
601008 Straight stainless steel tube Ø32mm (provide 2 in the kit)
902923 Dust sensor 2 positions 300mm Ø32mm with parking system clip
601141 Double adapter Ø32mm
601142 Flat nozzle Ø32mm
601144 Round brush Ø65mm mouthpiece Ø32mm
601145 Upholstery dust sensor Ø32mm
601146 Removable sliding brush for 601145
907424 Airobrush 290mm Ø32mm
907475 Airobrush 140mm Ø32mm
906421 Microfresh filter - activated carbons

Optional accessories:
604015 Set of 10 Hepaflo 9L filters
902070 Dust sensor 2 positions 300mm - parking system
601227 Black air turbobrush Ø32 mm
900918 Dust sensor on wheels 300mm - parking system
236150 Cable without plug 2x1mm² length 10m
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Aspirator Henry Petcare HPC160 animal hair
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7 reviews
  • 14/06/2024

    Excellent produit, puissant et parfaitement ergonoimique

  • 14/01/2024

    Aspirateur très efficace et agréable à utiliser. Mieux que mon ancien Dyson

  • 12/01/2024


  • 05/12/2023

    Très efficace bien qu'assez bruyant

  • 21/02/2022

    Henry petcare assez est silencieux et à l'air très efficace

  • 03/03/2021

    L aspirateur à avoir, aucune comparaison avec ce que l'on trouve sur le marché .un aspirateur qui aspire...Magnifique !

  • 15/01/2021

    J'avais vu cet aspirateur en Grande-Bretagne et entendu parler en bien. Il a une bonne bouille qui met de bonne humeur et donne presque envie de faire le ménage! Un premier essai effectué : il est efficace.

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