Monobrush Taski Ergodisc low speed 200

Low speed monobrush

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The Taski Ergodisc 200 monobrush is a versatile monobrush that can be used for floor scrubbing, stripping, shampoo, spray-method, polishing. Taski Ergodisc is the guarantee of reliable, efficient and easy-to-use professional equipment.

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All about monobrush Taski Ergodisc low speed 200

Monobrush Taski Ergodisc 200 rpm for scrubbing floors, stripping, shampoo, spray-method, polishing, cleaning tablet floors.
Taski has been a reference brand among cleaning professionals for decades.
Recognized quality and efficiency.
Monobrush delivered bare. Provide the disc holder platters. Many optional accessories: tank, scrubbing brush, shampoo brush...available but not supplied with the monobrush.

Productivity is improved thanks to the better working conditions offered by:
- the anatomically shaped handle
- the height-adjustable drawbar
-the low level of vibration
- low noise level
- soft start

Optional accessories to be ordered separately:

8504390: Taski ergodisc monobrush tank
8504750: Scrub brush perlon Taski Ergodisc monobrush scrubber
8504410: Taski Ergodsic monobrush disc holder trainer tray
8504370: Taski Ergodisc manual sprayer sprayer
8504800: Washed concrete scrubber brush Taski Swingo 450 455 750
8504780: TYNEX Taski Abrasive Scrub Brush
8504860: Taski ergodisc monobrush wet shampoo brush
8504880: Taski ergodisc monobrush waxing brush
8504890: Taski Ergodisc monobrush shine brush
7515786: Taski monobrush suction skirt
8500340: Taski reducer for wet shampoo

Technical data

Working width 43 cm
Rotation speed 200 rpm
Weight 34kg
Motor height 29.5 cm
Nominal consumption 800 W
Voltage 230V / 50Hz
Cable length 15m
Sound level 57dB(A)
Protection class II
Certifications CE/CB Test cert / ÖVE/SEV/CSA

Other Features

Splash Guard: During spray cleaning, the skirt acts as a splash guard.
Water tank: ideal for wet scrubbing and deep cleaning. The tank fits perfectly on the machine and has a large opening for easy filling.
TASKI ergodisc is part of an innovative range of monobrushes. Thanks to the use of high-tech materials, the machines are robust, absorb shocks, have an increased service life and lead to reduced maintenance costs.
CE approval: TASKI ergodisc 200 meets the safety and prescription standards of the health sector required by the CE directives.
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This product is intended for professional use only.
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