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Arma microsphere beads soap workshop without solvent 4x4 L

Cartridge industry workshop soap

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All about arma microsphere beads soap workshop without solvent 4x4 L

Arma pearl is a cleansing hand cream for the hands, without solvent, with plastic microbeads, lime scent. Effective against heavy soiling: grease, oil, grime, graphite, carbon.
Manual :
On dry hands, apply a dose of product.
Rub until dirt is removed. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a single-use paper towel. Contains nonabrasive plastic (polyethylene) microbeads for deep washing without damaging the skin. Eliminates quickly and easily with water, leaving no greasy residue on the skin or on the washbasins. Contains glycerine, a very effective moisturizing agent to prevent dry skin.
Pleasant scent lime providing a feeling of freshness during washing.
The inserts are sealed to the cartridges by ultrasonics during the manufacturing process to protect the product.
Unique pumps are patented and designed to prevent air from entering the cartridge during use, thereby avoiding the risk of external contamination.
Thanks to the pumps the air does not pass, so the cartridges retract completely.
Use of the product until the last dose.

Compatible with DFA400 dispenser
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Arma microsphere beads soap workshop without solvent 4x4 L
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