Toilet paper dispenser Tork Smartone white

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The Tork SmartOne system T8 white dispenser is a Tork SmartOne center feed toilet paper dispenser. The SmartOne sheet-fed system helps reduce consumption by up to 40%

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All about toilet paper dispenser Tork Smartone white

Tork SmartOne® System T8 is a robust, center-design toilet roll dispenser that dispenses one protected sheet at a time to help improve hygiene, resist vandalism and reduce consumption by up to 40%.
Reduce consumption
-The sheet-to-sheet system helps reduce consumption by up to 40%
-Centered design eliminates waste from traditional jumbo rolls
-Metal lock and key prevent roller theft Save time
-High capacity, serve many visitors
-Rollers that last longer, less maintenance
- Fewer refills, fewer orders
Improve hygiene
-The roller is completely protected, more hygienic
-You only touch what you need reducing the risk of cross contamination
Minimize problems
-A sheet-to-sheet system for fewer clogged pipes
- A durable installation, which resists vandalism in sensitive environments
A more robust design, the tip cannot be removed
Height 26.9cm
Width 26.9cm
Length 15.6cm
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Toilet paper dispenser Tork Smartone white
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Counterfeiting information

Beware of copies!

Once again, justice gives reason to Tork!
Essity (formerly SCA) has been committed to the development of innovative hygiene products and solutions, and defends its intellectual property rights wherever they may be subject to counterfeiting or misappropriation.

Essity through its Tork brand, produces and markets innovative hygiene products and solutions. This involves significant investments in both financial and time resources for Essity and its partners.
Tork SmartOne® is one of these strong innovations, protected by intellectual property rights, including patents and designs.

Thanks to its success, many devices similar to SmartOne® have been added to the market, which is why Essity continually monitors the market and acts as soon as necessary.

Essity discovered a company that sold copies of Tork SmartOne®, devices and refills. Essity therefore decided to appeal to the courts.
The Paris Court of Appeal acknowledged the counterfeiting of the system (apparatus and recharge) and then on June 8, the Court of Cassation ruled that there was also counterfeiting by providing only the recharge.

• The Essity patent is well infringed by the competition marketing a device and a recharge based on SmartOne® technology

• Essity's patent is well infringed by the competition marketing a recharge only compatible with SmartOne® technology

This decision is a major victory for Essity and its Tork brand in France.

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8 reviews
  • 14/03/2023


  • 17/11/2022

    tres facile a installer

  • 29/10/2021


  • 31/05/2021


  • 31/01/2019

    Très bien

  • 19/11/2017

    Permet effectivement de ne pas consommer trop de papier. Doit pourvoir faire faire des économie par rapport à un dévidoirclassique.

  • 23/09/2017

    Matériel de bonne qualité

  • 14/08/2017

    bon produit très hygiénique et simple d'utilisation

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