Skip Professional color capsules 184 washings

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Skip capsules are easy to use and deliver flawless professional results. Skip capsules leave you with a pleasant scent and long-lasting protection and shine for colors and whites.

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All about skip Professional color capsules 184 washings

Skip capsules are easy to use and offer flawless professional results. In addition to a strong washing power, the capsules leave you a pleasant fragrance and protection and long-lasting shine for colors and white.
The hotel and restaurant industry as well as all the professionals who are looking to preserve the colors for the long term or to obtain a clean white linen.
Each carton contains 184 capsules divided into four doys packs of 46 units each.


- Preserves durably colors
- Practical and ready-to-use laundry
- Pleasant scent
- 1 capsule for standard stains or 2 capsules for heavy soiling
- Long-lasting protection and shine for your laundry


- Carton of 184 capsules divided into 4 packs of 46 units.
- Available in color or white version.
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Skip Professional color capsules 184 washings
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