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You are an authorized internet distributor Numatic France

Numatic has chosen Voussert as a distributor via the Internet channel in France to guarantee the end user a respect for Numatic standards and a quality of service that matches Numatic products.
The availability of large stocks combined with logistical know-how allow us to deliver your Numatic equipment to the standard France warranty. This will allow you to benefit from the Numatic France / Voussert After Sales Service in all serenity.

Why buy your Henry in France 5 years exclusive warranty, SAV insured France, risk ...

This partnership has led Numatic France to offer you as part of the Henry France vacuum range a 5 year warranty (instead of 2 years) for all vacuum cleaners in the Henry range.
All our Henry and Hetty vacuum cleaners come with a French plug.

They benefit from an extension of guarantee carrying the duration to 5 years with a service SA France
The France Numatic service does not support equipment purchased abroad including the Henry United Kingdom.
The UK plug that requires the addition of a serious Europe adapter (which does not burn) and which in any case cancels any warranty in France.
This adapter also poses a problem of liability in case of disaster: your Home Insurance will not play in case of disaster . No HENRY with European plug is delivered to the UK.
The French HENRY allow us a charity thanks to our partnership with Everyone Against Cancer (€ 2 donated to the association).

The Henry range has grown

The Henry family is now very wide to cover all uses and offer you all the colors.

900021 Numatic Henry / HVR200 professional model historic 8 liters
900046 Numatic Hetty / HET200 Historic Professional Model 8 Liter
908147 Numatic Henry Allergy HVA160 allergic model 2019
900039 Numatic Henry Micro model with allergen filter HEPA
900028 Numatic Henry Xtra
900051 Numatic Harry / HHR200 special environment pets.
900085 Numatic James / JVP 180 model
824630 Charles / CVC370
825588 George / GVE370 vacuum cleaner water and dust and carpet injection
903511 Hetty Plus Pink / HEP200-12
903500 Henry Plus red / HRP200-12
903501 Henry Plus blue / HRP201-12
903502 Henry Plus Yellow / HRP203-12
903503 Henry Plus Lilac / HRP204-12
903504 Henry Plus apple green / HRP205-12
903505 Henry Parquet / HRP207-12
627674 Henry Spraymop
629349 Hetty Spraymop
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Numatic Nupro 180 reflo vacuum cleaner

99,00 € HT
Ref: 911899

The Numatic Nupro PRP 180 reflo vacuum cleaner is a dust vacuum cleaner widely used by professionals and …

Numatic 717 In stock

Numatic Henry Hetty vacuum cleaner bag back RSV 130/200 Pack of 10

10,60 € HT
Ref: 905717

Numatic vacuum bag for 1B/1C/2 NV 180/200/250 Henry Hetty Harry, RSV Dorsal 130/200 pack of 10. Suitable …

Numatic 241 In stock

Numatic Henry HVR200-11 red

143,00 € HT
Ref: 900021

The Henry Numatic vacuum cleaner model HVR200-11 ecodesign meets the latest energy standards. Optimal per…

Numatic 200 In stock

Numatic vacuum brush 300 mm D 32 mm

20,80 € HT
Ref: 902070

Numatic floor vacuum cleaner brush for dust vacuum cleaner diameter 32 mm for vacuum cleaner with accesso…

Numatic 127 In stock

Numatic Hetty A2 pink vacuum cleaner

143,00 € HT
Ref: 900046

Hetty Numatic model A2 vacuum cleaner with the famous pink color! Optimal performance and efficiency for …

Numatic 45 In stock

Numatic Henry vacuum cleaner hose

18,70 € HT
Ref: 914413

Numatic Henry, Hetty and Nupro Flexible Vacuum Hose. Length 2 m and diameter 32 mm. Numatic guaranteed or…

Numatic 31 In stock

Henry HVR160-11 Numatic vacuum cleaner

159,00 € HT
Ref: 902398

The Numatic Henry HVR160 vacuum cleaner is the latest addition to the Henry range in a version with a 6 l…

Numatic 25 In stock

Numatic Hetty HET160-11 vacuum cleaner

159,00 € HT
Ref: 902397

The Numatic Hetty HET160 vacuum cleaner is the latest addition to the Hetty range in pink version with 6 …

Numatic 22 In stock

Numatic George GVE370 carpet extractor

374,00 € HT
Ref: 915950

The Numatic George carpet injector vacuum cleaner can do it all. Wet and dry vacuum cleaner, injector/car…

Numatic 19 In stock

Numatic Henry allergy Hepa H13 HVA 160

206,00 € HT
Ref: 908147

The Numatic Henry allergy HVA 160 vacuum cleaner is suitable for new environmental challenges: The obliga…

Numatic 16 In stock

Numatic Henry Quick red vacuum cleaner

299,00 € HT
Ref: 913928

Numatic launches its first battery-powered cordless stick vacuum cleaner: discover the Henry Quick range.…

Numatic 16 In stock

Numatic vacuum Charles CVC370

228,00 € HT
Ref: 824630

The Numatic Charles vacuum cleaner is a water and dust vacuum cleaner, equally effective in these 2 funct…

Numatic 16 In stock

Numatic Quick 2 battery vacuum cleaner

349,00 € HT
Ref: 915027

Numatic launches its first battery-powered cordless broom vacuum cleaner: discover the Quick range. You w…

Numatic 16 In stock

Numatic Henry Quick vacuum cleaner gray

299,00 € HT
Ref: 915026

Numatic launches its first battery-powered cordless stick vacuum cleaner: discover the Henry Quick range.…

Numatic 14 In stock

Aspirator Henry Petcare HPC160 animal hair

249,00 € HT
Ref: 908341

Henry Petcare animal hair has been specially designed for pet owners. The triple-thickness Microfresh fil…

Numatic 9 In stock

Numatic PPT 220 vacuum cleaner

276,09 € HT
Ref: 900275

The PPT220 dust vacuum roller is composed of a dust vacuum cleaner and a trolley with telescopic handle (…

Numatic 3 In stock

Numatic vacuum cleaner PPT 390A aspi trolley 15L

307,61 € HT
Ref: 900261

Vacuum cleaner and trolley in one. New model to reduce energy consumption. Trolley with telescopic handle…


Numatic vacuum cleaner James

199,00 € HT
Ref: 909380

Numatic James dust vacuum. It is the most compact vacuum cleaner and probably the best value for money on…

Numatic not Available
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Focus on

Numatic Henry since 1981

Henry was created in 1981 at a trade show at which Numatic International wanted to present a high quality vacuum cleaner "Made in Britain". With his English Gentleman look, wearing the typical bowler hat, he was imagined with a welcoming face and full of good manners.
This "anti-gloom" vacuum cleaner was immediately praised by professionals who appreciated its reliability as well as its personality.
Henry is the best-known and best-selling vacuum cleaner in Britain.
With more than 10 million units sold since its creation, Henry is recognized for its robustness, the quality of its equipment and its materials, its very long life ...
In addition to being very efficient, it is energy efficient with an energy class A. It also offers a level of filtration and a motorization worthy of the highest professional standards.

30,000 Henry vacuum cleaners manufactured per week

Nothing matches our hoover Henry, if not his alter ego with a more feminine look: the bright Hetty. She owns
in all respects the same qualities as Henry, thus assuming perfect parity.
In 2010 Harry came to complete the range. The Harry was developed for pet owners. It is equipped in this frame with a microfresh odor filter and a brush that recovers animal hair.

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