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The Lumecel Rubbermaid diffuser is a new battery-free technology powered solely by light with automatic recharging. The LumeCel rechargeable power cell and advanced solar panels allow the Microburst 3000 to be fully self-powered by indoor and natural lighting.

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All about freshener LumeCel microburst 3000 chrome

The LumeCel microburst 3000 chrome fragrance diffuser is a revolution. Rubbermaid Commercial Products introduces a revolutionary new technology for protecting the atmosphere: the Microburst® 3000, powered by the LumeCel™ rechargeable energy system.
Thanks to its easy and flexible programming, as well as its high reliability, the Microburst 3000 offers a better and safer air purification system for the environment.

Stop changing batteries

The LumeCel rechargeable power cell and advanced solar panels allow the Microburst 3000 to be completely self-powered by indoor and natural lighting.
LumeCel™ captures energy from indoor lighting
Like a solar panel capturing sunlight, LumeCel captures energy from any indoor light source (natural or artificial).
LumeCel™ is smart
LumeCel rechargeable energy cells are manufactured using nickel-metal hybrid technology.
They are super-efficient and store energy from light, providing internal electricity at near 100% efficiency. User-friendly, and ready to use!
LumeCel™ is clean
The revolutionary LumeCel green energy system is the cleanest available, and the best choice for the environment. It is 100% recyclable and eliminates the need to manufacture, use and dispose of alkaline batteries. It benefits landfills, lowers recycling costs for alkaline batteries, provides minimal environmental impact and higher LEED certification.
LumeCel™ lasts for many years
Patented worldwide, this revolutionary green energy system is completely self-powered and offers a guarantee of automatic operation for at least 15 years.

Perfume refills

Rubbermaid Commercial Microburst 3000
Products combines the most reliable and energy efficient release technology with fragrances designed to
satisfy the varied needs of AFH washrooms, effectively eliminating odors while leaving a clean, fresh scent in the washrooms.

Microtrans® technology

Traditional air fresheners only cover up bad odors. Rubbermaid's atmospheric protection systems
Commercial Products are designed to do much more than that! All RCP formulas contain Microtrans® technology, a true odor neutralizer, combined with the best perfumes to eliminate
actively tackles "unavoidable odors" in commercial washrooms.
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