Tork ultra resistant 530 non-woven cloth spool white

Tork Heavy Duty Cleaning Cloth

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The Tork Premium cloth is a thick non-woven reel of 280 38x32 cm cloths which will effectively replace the cotton textile cloth. Super resistant to solvents and protects against heat when handling hot pots and dishes and against metal debris.

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All about tork ultra resistant 530 non-woven cloth spool white

Tork Premium Strong. Spool of thick white non-woven cloth 280 formats 38 x 32 cm. 49g/m2
Effectively replaces white cotton textile cloth.
Tork Premium Strong is very durable.
Allows heavy duty scrubbing and can be used with aggressive solvents without disintegrating.
Structured surface facilitates the removal of grease and difficult stains.
Tork Premium Strong has excellent restitution capacity, reduces solvent consumption.
Hygienic food handling guaranteed by the ISEGA certificate.
The Tork Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cloth is highly absorbent, thick and very durable, resisting scrubbing without falling apart.
It can be used with most solvents and removes oil, grease, water and the toughest stains quickly and effectively, while protecting hands from heat and metal debris.
It is suitable for the Tork Pedestal Dispenser or Tork Standard Wall Dispenser, developed to offer safety and efficiency, and the Tork Maxi Center Feed Dispenser or the Tork Boxed Roll Dispenser, designed for one-handed dispensing.
Compatible with most chemical solvents: soaks up solvents and releases them more effectively than textile cloths, reducing consumption
Ultra-durable design designed to protect hands from heat and metal debris
Reusable, strong and durable wipe – great alternative to rental cloths and linen
Hand protection against heat when handling hot pots and dishes and against metal debris. Perfectly suited to communities and kitchens to replace the kitchen towel but also in industry to advantageously replace the textile cloth.
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Tork ultra resistant 530 non-woven cloth spool white
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