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Non-woven cloth Tork W7 cleaning white

Tork non-woven cleaning cloth

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All about non-woven cloth Tork W7 cleaning white

White non-woven cloth Tork Premium W7 box of 210 cloths 41.5 x 35.5 cm is a cleaning cloth.
Light equipment also allowing cleaning in confined spaces.
High performance in both wet and dry environments.
The Tork Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cloth is soft, flexible and strong . It is ideal for most light cleaning tasks , and quickly absorbs oils and liquids , simplifying the cleaning work .
This cloth is supplied in a protective and portable Handy-Box, and therefore always at hand when needed.
Soft and supple – ideal for small spaces
Tork Easy Handling box – for easy transport, opening and disposal of packaging
Portable distributor.
W7 system
1 box of 210 cloths
Format of the cloth 41.5cm x 35.5cm.
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Non-woven cloth Tork W7 cleaning white
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