Nilfisk Alto MC 4C-210 Petrol High Pressure Washer

Cold water high pressure gas

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The Niulfisk MC 4C-210 pressure washers are ideal for use in areas where electricity is not available. Powerful, autonomous and robust gasoline engine cleaner for absolute mobility.

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All about nilfisk Alto MC 4C-210 Petrol High Pressure Washer

The Alto MC 4C-210 range of High Pressure Washers is ideal for use in areas where electricity is not available.
High-pressure cleaners with gasoline engines are powerful, autonomous and robust for absolute mobility.
For outdoor use in all conditions with the possibility of collecting water from a river , a well or a cistern. Fine filtration at water inlet required.
These autonomous cleaners are particularly recommended in the construction, agricultural or community sectors .
Targets: Craftsmen, building and construction companies, agriculture and rental.


- 210 bar, 770 l/h
- Engine Power: 6.5 HP – HONDA gasoline GX200
- Starter: Manual
- Motor/Pump rotation: 3400 / 3400 rpm
- Pump type: RADIAL BRASS cylinder head -3 Ceramic pistons
- Thermal valve to protect the pump during breaks
- Large puncture-proof wheels with ball bearings
- Lance holder for easy storage
- Compact and robust design
- Easy handling and transport
- Adjustable flow rate on the pump
- Low pressure detergent injector
- PRO Ergo 2000 gun
- Reel with 15 m DN6 hose
- Ergo quick-connect accessories

National after-sales service Nilfisk Alto

Nilfisk after-sales service provided by more than 90 traveling technicians.
Technicians will come to your site at your request.
Services provided:
-Advice -Diagnostics -Troubleshooting -Overhaul package - “Service” contract - “Full” contract - Parts and accessories
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