High pressure washer Nilfisk Alto MC 7P FFA

High pressure three-phase cold water

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All about high pressure washer Nilfisk Alto MC 7P FFA

High pressure washer Nilfisk Alto 7P-MC 195/1280 FFA. The range of MC 7P, cold water high pressure cleaners are versatile to meet all requirements as in the sectors of agriculture, industry, construction and automotive. These cleaners combine high mobility, ease of use and an unbeatable robustness.


    • automatic decompression system
    • High stability thanks to its front foot
    • motor / low-speed pump (1450tr / min)
    • Enhanced axial pumps 4 ceramic pistons and brass head
    • Tornado Plus Lance with adjustable pressure
    • XT reel with 15 m and rotabuseDouble
    • Double detergent system
    • Pumps guaranteed for 3 years
    • For intensive use

Technical characteristics

Max pressure pump 195 bars.
High water flow 1280 l / hour.
Cleaning impact 6.7 kg / Force.
Voltage 400 volts AC.
Amperage 14.
water inlet temperature 85 ° C max.
10m flexible
Steel Chassis

SAV National Nilfisk Alto

Nilfisk service provided by over 60 field technicians.
The technicians will come on-site application.
Services provided:
-Board -Diagnostique -Troubleshooting -Package -Contract Review "Service" -Contract "Full" - Parts and Accessories

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Nilfisk Alto
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High pressure washer Nilfisk Alto MC 7P FFA
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