High pressure Nilfisk Alto Poseidon 2-25 XT 610l cleaner 140 bar

High pressure cold water mono

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The Nilfisk Alto MC 2C XT high pressure cleaner is a cold water high pressure powered by 230 Volt single-phase current. Pump pressure 140 bars and max flow rate 610 liters/hour. XT model with reel and hose length 15 M.

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All about high pressure Nilfisk Alto Poseidon 2-25 XT 610l cleaner 140 bar

Cold water high pressure cleaners combining performance, efficiency, ergonomics and longevity for frequent cleaning.
The MC 2C high pressure cleaner is compact and lightweight.
This range is designed for cleaning on small construction sites and washing light vehicles.
It combines ergonomics and high cleaning power.
Single-phase 230V device.
Stainless steel lance with 4in1 nozzle: 20° HP Tornado nozzle + 65° Wide Angle HP nozzle + TurboHammer rotating nozzle + BP/detergent nozzle
Nilfisk France model with Nilfisk France after-sales service assured.


- Automatic on/off
- NA2 axial pump
- Adjustment of flow rate at the pump
- Ergo quick coupling concept
- Integrated and removable detergent tank (2.5 l)
-Fixed dosage 3%
- Stainless steel lance with 4in1 nozzle
- Lifetime lubrication pump
- For frequent use


- Pressure 20 to 140 bars.
- Water flow 610 l/hour.
- 2.9 kW motor.
- Version with reel.
- Reel length 15 m.
- Weight 28.1 kg.

National after-sales service Nilfisk Alto

Nilfisk after-sales service provided by more than 60 traveling technicians.
Technicians will come to your site at your request.
Services provided:
-Advice -Diagnostics -Troubleshooting -Overhaul package - “Service” contract - “Full” contract - Parts and accessories
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Nilfisk Alto
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High pressure Nilfisk Alto Poseidon 2-25 XT 610l cleaner 140 bar
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