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Hand towel dispenser Lotus enMotion Impulse blue compact

Roll towel dispenser

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All about hand towel dispenser Lotus enMotion Impulse blue compact

Lotus Enmotion Impulse Lotus electronic towel dispenser with battery. The Impluse Enmotion model is the compact version of the Lotus Enmotion dispenser. 3 LR20 batteries supplied with the device. Lotus Enmotion hand warmers in rolls.
The Enmotion Lotus hand towel dispenser ensures automatic dispensing without touching the hands.
Enmotion Lotus hand towel length is adjustable 20/30/40 cm. Distribution of the hand towel by infra-red cell.
No contact with the hands.
We pass the hand in front of the detector and the towel comes.
Setting of detector sensitivity and time delay between 2 hand passes.
Distributor size: Height 33.3 cm. Width 33.6 Depth: 24.1 cm.

Associated consumable reference 471113 (Ex reference 403171).

Reference obsolete transfer on new range H1 Tork
Lotus Professional
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Hand towel dispenser Lotus enMotion Impulse blue compact
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Length : 33,60cmWidth : 24,10cmHeight : 33,30cm
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