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Are you looking for a non-woven wiping cloth for a perfect finish? Veraclean polish plus chicopee is the professional polishing tool! Works with polishing compound and most solvents and chemicals.

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All about veraclean Polish More Chicopee coil 500

The Veraclean Polish Plus Chicopee is the most efficient polishing wiper for a perfect finish.
Ideal for use as a polishing tool, Veraclean Polish Plus is soft and durable.
It helps prevent scratching delicate surfaces, and is particularly effective in sensitive environments.
Veraclean Polish Plus works great with most solvents and chemicals .
Its high absorption makes it the perfect cloth to remove excess polishing paste.

Veraclean Polish Plus the solution

Veraclean Polish Plus is an extremely gentle wiper, perfectly suited for critical environments, with the guarantee that sensitive surfaces will not be scratched.
Veraclean Polish Plus is highly absorbent, making it the ideal wiper for removing excess polish and filler , to ensure a smooth, flawless finish.
Specially designed for short use, Veraclean Polish Plus is extremely soft and flexible , making it ideal for most delicate polishing functions .
Veraclean Polish Plus is resistant to most solvents and chemicals, making it an ideal polishing wiper for the most critical jobs.
Veraclean Polish Plus does not contain silicone , which eliminates any risk of formation of craters and microcracks on the surfaces.

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Veraclean Polish More Chicopee coil 500
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