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Tar tar

Fields of application

-Protection of rust surfaces, antacid, anti-humidity specially formulated for exterior buried materials.
- Black viscous liquid. Is applied by roller, brush, squeegee or brush.
- For use on metal, concrete, brick, asbestos cement, foundations, basements ...
- Soluble in most organic solvents.
- Dries very slowly.
- Clean equipment with white spirit.
- Yield: 3 m2 per liter per coat on porous support.

As use?

Remove all traces of moss, rust and old paint.
Degrease the surface with detergent Spado floors and roofs acid.


Apply bituminous tar on media absolutely clean and dry.
Treat your surfaces with pure oil tar, preferably in two layers.
Stretch the product 24 hours before application, if cold.
Slow Drying: 24-48 h may vary depending on atmospheric conditions of temperature and humidity.
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Spado can tar tar 4l

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Ref: 83100202

Spado tar bituminous can of 4l is a product to protect. - Anti-rust, antacid, anti-humidity surface prot…

Spado 8 In stock

Spado tar tar can 20L

159,10 € HT
Ref: 83101301

Spado bituminous tar is a benchmark product. - Anti-rust, anti-acid, anti-humidity surface protection sp…

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