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Steel garden shed Arrow price USA import

Steel garden shed make the right choice with ARROW

Arrow and metal vinyl garden shed

The vinyl metallopastic steel shelters that are guaranteed 15 years and are more intended for environments seaside or aggressive.
Arrow vinyl steel shelters are available in two areas: 5 m2 and 10.70 m2 . These shelters have an aesthetic and durability enhanced by the metalloplastic finish.

The ARROW metal garage a reference

Arrow also manufactures garages whose best-known model is the VT.
This garage is made of metalloplastic steel. Garage Arrow is composed of a basic module AAVT1210 of 10,20 m2 including a door swinging and a side door.
On this basic module, it is possible to add the extension Arrow AAEXT0007 of 7,80 m2.
On a base VT1210 you will be able to add up to 3 extensions for a total surface of 33,60 m2. The most diffused reference is the reference AAVT1217, which has the base 10,20 m2 to which is associated a extension 7,80 m2.

Dimensions and installation of garden sheds

The exterior dimensions of Arrow garden shelters are the dimensions directly above the roof, rounded to the nearest centimeter. The interior dimensions are smaller.
When mounting a Arrow Garden Shelter, the necessary tools are limited to: a Phillips screwdriver, multiple pliers and a stepladder that you can possibly get here .

New range of galvanized steel garden shed ARROW Ezze Shed

Easy editing with 50% of time saved, fewer parts, more reliability.

Some tips for mounting a Arrow shelter:

First of all, wearing gloves is recommended. The use of a magnetic screwdriver reduces the time of installation of the Arrow shelter from 20 to 30%. It is recommended to be two, at least at the beginning of the installation of the Arrow shelter. It is recommended not to start editing and stop to continue the next day. A half-mounted Arrow shelter can be damaged, even in very low winds. Should Arrow shelters be fixed to the ground? Yes because it is light, to do this use the holes provided in the base for this purpose. You can also complete your installation by purchasing Arrow anchor kits for soft ground or concrete floor .

Arrow Garden Shelter rigorous control

Each part of the Arrow Shelters is marked with a factory number, the Arrow instructions contain an exploded view on which each part is indicated. Nevertheless, it is advisable to read the leaflet carefully before starting. After that, proceed to the assembly by exactly following the chronological order of the note.

Garden shed installation

Are there any restrictions on the installation of my Arrow Garden Shelter?
A communal authorization is sufficient for any shelter measuring less than 20m².
However, restrictions exist because of protected sites or subdivision facilities.

Scratch or scratch

If you have less scratching or scratching on your Arrow shelter: Immediately sanding with very fine sandpaper, then apply a rust-resistant product or paint. The most fragile points are at the location of the screws (in case of skidding during assembly.
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Some facts and advice for rust on steel garden shelters

Rust is a natural oxidation process that occurs when a bare metal is exposed to moisture. Problem areas include screw holes, unfinished edges, or areas where scratches and nicks occur in the protective layer during normal assembly, handling, and use.
Locating these areas with natural oxidation problems and taking a few simple rust prevention precautions can help stop the development of the process or even stop it quickly as soon as it appears.

What to do

1.      Avoid nicking or scratching the surface layer, both indoors and outdoors.
2.      Use all the washers provided. In addition to protecting against weather conditions, the washers prevent the metal from being scratched by the screws.
3.      Keep the roof, base surround and door opening clear of any debris and leaves that can accumulate and retain moisture. These can cause a double deterioration due to the release of acid during their decomposition.
4.      Touch up scratches or nicks and any area where you see rust as soon as possible. Make sure the surface is free from moisture, oil, mud or dirt and apply a uniform coat of high quality touch-up paint.

Condensation in a steel shelter how to avoid it?

Condensation is the result of a certain amount of moisture in the air that turns into drops of water on contact with a cooler wall.
To reduce this condensation it is imperative to maintain some ventilation in the shelter and against the walls.

Before assembly:

-   Provide drainage with gravel to prevent moisture from entering the building through the base.
-   Provide for evacuation of water away from construction
-   Divert rainwater away from construction
-   Install a plastic sealing film between the slab and the construction
-   Do not obstruct air vents during assembly

After editing:

-   Increase air circulation by using fans and air vents.
-   Remove the furniture from the walls so as to circulate the air between the two
-   Separate storage items from each other for better airflow
-   Use a dehumidifier
-   Remove any stagnant water or source of moisture around the building
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