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Soludoz reference

- Convenience and ease of use: 1 dose = 1 wash
- Saving time: pre-dosed product
- Efficiency gain: concentrated formula, 100% actives no under or overdose
- Space saving: concentrated product, bucket of 70 doses
- Economy achieved: no overdose
- Safety of use: no direct contact with the product and no overdose so no risk of degradation of the surfaces
- Ecological product: no waste

Soludoz benefits

The right dose of concentrated powder for a wash
Put the dose in an empty bucket: the water-soluble envelope and the powder dissolve even in cold water
Reduced user training time
Simple distribution of products
Easy provision in a cart

Security and control

A color code by use for better identification by the user 1 clear packaging
No direct contact with the product (water soluble envelope), no splashing risk at dilution
A safe work environment
A fair dose that prevents and destroys the dull biofilm that promotes the development of bacteria
PH neutral formulas for the care of fragile and protected soils

Soludoz the sustainable solution

Positive impact on the environment:
Compact products, economical transportation 100% efficient (concentrated powder)
Reduction of plastic waste ; no harmful rejection (total dissolution of the film)

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