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How to choose a scrubber?

What is a scrubber?

A scrubber drier is a device used to clean floors and surfaces using water and detergent, steam or cleaning products. It can be used to clean floors, walls and surfaces of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings in communities. The most common users are cleaning and maintenance companies because it saves them a huge amount of time compared to manual maintenance.
The scrubber can also be used for cleaning large outdoor areas such as parking lots, shopping malls, sidewalks and sports fields.

How to choose your scrubber?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a scrubber, such as:
1. Size of the surface to be cleaned: the size of the scrubber must match the size of the surface to be cleaned to ensure effective cleaning. the theoretical and practical yield is an important data to check in order to respect the possible cleaning timing.
2. Floor type: Some scrubber-dryers are designed to specifically clean wood, stone, carpet, etc. floors. It is important to choose a scrubber suitable for the type of floor to be cleaned. Of course the type of brushes or abrasive disc will be chosen according to the desired action such as spray method, stripping, crystallization...etc.
3. Power: the power of the scrubber drier determines the speed and efficiency of cleaning. It is important to choose a scrubber with enough power for the job. Indeed, the "resistance" of the type of soil as well as the speed and therefore the practical performance will be determined by this available power.
A corded scrubber will always deliver more power than a battery-powered scrubber.
4. Tank capacity: the capacity of the tank of water or cleaning products determines the duration of work without interruption to fill the tank. It is the autonomy of the tank and the batteries which will also have an impact on the practical performance of the machine and therefore its ability to work "fast" on large surfaces.
5. Mobility: Some scrubbers are designed for use in confined spaces, while others can be used for larger, more difficult-to-reach areas.
6. Additional Features: Some models may include features such as steam, pressure regulation, temperature regulation, etc. It is important to consider the additional features needed for the job at hand.
Voussert in partnership with the biggest brands of scrubber driers like Taski , Numatic or Nilfisk will help you find the best machine associated with the best price as we have been doing now for more than 40 years.

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