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Maintenance products for our profession since 1981

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Professional Omo
Eliminate difficult tasks!
Professional Omo
OMO Professional Concentrate is a powder specially formulated for washing laundry in communities. Effective in both hard and soft water, suitable for all machines and all types of laundry.
30,40€ HT
Glassex cleaner windows and surfaces
GLASSEX glass cleaner and professional surfaces cleans, degreases and shines all glazed surfaces and modern surfaces. Leaves no trace even in direct sunlight Dry quickly. Specially designed to make windows and surfaces crisp.
8,90€ HT

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Dish soap hand 5L lemon

3,70 € HT
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liquid hand soap rose 5L canister

6,50 € HT
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3D sweet almond surodorant cleanser

20,45 € HT
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Wyritol degreaser disinfectant kitchen

6,90 € HT

Sun tablet professional pack X 200

46,70 € HT
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Finish Powerball Barrel 125 tabs

24,60 € HT
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Jex Pro 5L
pine heath forest

7,95 € HT
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Liquid chlorine 36 ° 23 kg canister pool

24,75 € HT

Glass cleaner surfaces alcohol 5L

3,70 € HT
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Ecocub solution pro

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Professional maintenance product for whom?

Buying and using a professional cleaning product is not insignificant and without risk. Indeed, the cleaning product that the consumer can buy in supermarkets is designed for use by "laypersons" and domestic use. As a result, the active ingredients are often reduced in order to logically reduce the risk of use.
The professional cleaning product will offer formulations with stronger active ingredients to meet the need for cleaning and disinfection in communities, hospitals, industry, catering ...
The use of this type of cleaning product will require a framework through protocols for some of them. Their use or application in poor conditions may beyond the fact of not achieving the desired results put the health of the user at risk.
It is therefore imperative to read the technical sheets, SDS, danger logo and any recommendations. If in doubt our advisers are there to support you.

Professional cleaning product and ecology.

To cope with the risk of formulations sometimes a little active, manufacturers have turned in recent years to products meeting the Ecolabel standard by reducing the risks for users but also the environmental footprint.
It is therefore highly recommended to choose today products that meet Ecological Recognized labels such as Ecolabel, NordiK Swann.
In addition, under the Labor Code, employers are required to assess the risks to the health and safety of workers for any activity that may pose a risk of exposure to hazardous chemical agents (Article R4412-5 Decree No. 2008-244 of 07/03/2008).
Taking these risks into account has led employers to be more and more demanding about the products they buy (DUERP Unique Occupational Risk Assessment Document).
This naturally leads today communities and professionals to turn to maintenance products Ecolabel and / or without CLP and without logo danger greatly reducing the responsibility of the client in case of accident.

Risks and your choice in cleaning products, responsibilities

Many cleaning products are used today without the necessary personal protective equipment. An oven cleaner used without a goggle, gloves or mask, will automatically put the employer's responsibility forward in case the user suffers damage as a result of using the product.
The first security is therefore you will understand to move towards products with an Ecological label and / or without CLP. This will decrease the risk significantly.
In case you have to take a product out of this field, it will be necessary to prioritize the products of recognized brands and especially to take into account the method and the protective equipment recommended by the manufacturer.
The use of a professional maintenance product also requires the implementation of training and protocols of use. In areas such as kitchen hygiene, the implementation of the HACCP method is now an obligation.

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