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Coronavirus which products and solutions?

Which standards and which products?

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, which cause illnesses ranging from a simple cold (some seasonal viruses are coronaviruses) to more severe pathologies such as MERS or SARS.
The virus identified in December 2019 in China is a new coronavirus. It was named 2019-nCoV. COVID19
According to information from the Ministry of Solidarity and Health on 01/25/2020:
This 2019-nCov virus :
• Survives less than 3 hours on an inert surface, and a few days in a humid environment,
• Does not spread through water,
• Is transmitted by the respiratory route or from animals to humans

What are the hygiene measures recommended by the ANSM?

• Regular hand washing.
Note that to be effective and limit the spread of viruses, hand washing must be carried out according to a rigorous protocol:
- 7 steps for 15 seconds with soap and water: Palm to palm + Palm to back of hand + Fingers intertwined + Palm to fingers + Thumbs + Nails + Wrists.
- Rinse fingers for 10 seconds.
- Ideally dry your hands with a single-use towel .
The drying of the hands if it is done with an electric hand dryer, it must imperatively be equipped with a Hepa filter to avoid proliferation.
For hand washing, the most suitable is to set up contactless soap dispensers and hand disinfection stations in order to limit the risk of contamination.
Similarly, and in addition to washing hands with a soap with a disinfecting action , the use of a hydroalcoholic gel on a regular basis during sensitive actions of the day has a real impact on reducing transmission.

• Surface cleaning.
Cleaning protocols are generally established by the establishment's hygiene manager.
Please note that disinfection of hands and surfaces is not mandatory. Indeed, a correctly carried out washing makes it possible to effectively eliminate the microorganisms present on the hands and surfaces.
To carry out rapid disinfection of surfaces, the use of disinfectant wipes that comply with EN14776 or EN14777 standards can reduce the risks.

Surface product disinfection standards

The products must have virucidal activity according to the EN14476 standard (phase 2 / stage 1) .
The respect of this standard can be effective on Poliovirus, Adenovirus and Norovirus, which allows us to conclude that there is activity on Coronavirus Covid2019 .
Some products such as Phago'spore also meet the EN16777 standard (phase 2/step 2) which proves virucidal activity on Adeniovirus and Norovirus.

Protective equipment

Carriers of the virus must be equipped with an FFP2 or FFP3 type mask. This is the recommendation in order to guarantee the projection of the virus. Caregivers and workers must also be equipped with this type of mask, a disposable suit if possible category III type 5 and 6, glasses, disposable gloves and overshoes.
Unaffected people can take, in the event of contamination in the location where they are, protective masks type FFP2, FFP3 or type II or IIR surgical masks if they are in a sensitive environment such as public transport, shopping center, stadium. .. The use of a disposable gown or a visitor kit provides protection for interventions such as Covid tests or vaccination.

Cleaning materials

The cleaning equipment must be adapted to the non-diffusion and proliferation of the virus in the air; Thus the Ministry of Labor recommends:
"Do not vacuum the floors, except after a long period of non-occupation of the premises. In this case, equip the device with HEPA filters." A Hepa filter vacuum cleaner is therefore recommended, which makes sense by avoiding any "vaporization" of particles in the air.
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Self-percussive disinfectant EN14476

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Anti-projection transparent screen mask

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Desinfectante alcoholic gel solution 300 ml

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Purell disinfectant wipe EN14476 box 100

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Focus on

Better know and understand the Coronavirus Covid19

Available information suggests that the virus can cause symptoms similar to mild flu, but also more severe symptoms.
Patients with pre-existing chronic diseases (such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver disease, respiratory disease) seem more likely to develop severe forms, as do pregnant women and the elderly.
Among the cases reported to date, several patients have developed a severe form of the disease, some of whom have died.
It is therefore essential to follow the protocols for washing and disinfecting hands and surfaces using products that comply with regulations and are active on the Vaccine virus (model virus for the Coronavirus).

How to prevent the spread of the virus

1. The transmission of the virus happens in the majority of cases through direct contact , by touching fabrics or materials on which the virus is present: washing your hands frequently is absolutely essential.
The virus survives on your hands for about 10 minutes, but during those 10 minutes a lot can happen: rubbing your eyes or scratching your nose, for example, and allowing the virus to enter your throat!
So, for your well-being and that of others, wash your hands as often as possible and disinfect them !
2. You can gargle with a disinfectant solution that eliminates or reduces the quota of the virus that may have entered your throat. By doing this you will eliminate the virus before it enters your trachea and then your lungs.
3. Disinfect your computer keyboard and mouse, not to mention your mobile phone and landline phone.

How the virus manifests:

1. The virus first settles in the throat , causing inflammation and a feeling of dry throat : this symptom can last 3 to 4 days.
2. The virus travels using the moisture that is present in the respiratory airways , it descends into the trachea and it settles in the lungs causing pneumonia . This passage needs about 5 to 6 days .
3. Pneumonia manifests with high fever and difficulty in breathing, and it looks nothing like a common cold . You might even feel like you're drowning because of the difficulty breathing. In this case it is essential to call an emergency care service immediately.

Better understand
This information was disseminated by doctors following the work carried out by certain researchers.

The Coronavirus infection does not present itself like the usual cold, with a runny nose or a cough with cathars and sputum, but on the contrary with a dry cough. This is the first signal to be properly identified.

1 - The Coronavirus is quite large, it has a diameter of about 400 to 500 nm.
This means that any type of mask can stop it. The new category 2 or 1 barrier masks are suitable.
In normal life, it is therefore not necessary to have special masks unless you are a carrier and in this case a standard surgical mask or FFP2 is necessary.

The situation is different if you are a doctor or health worker and you have to be exposed to strong discharges of the virus and in this case it is essential to use special masks.
If a person who has already been affected sneezes in front of you, and they are 3m away, this will knock the virus to the ground and therefore prevent it from reaching you.
This is why a safe distance is important between people.

2 - When the virus is on metal surfaces, it survives for about 12 hours! It is therefore extremely important when touching metal surfaces such as door handles, doors, household appliances, grab handles on trams, etc. to wash your hands well and to disinfect yourself carefully.
3 - The virus can live hidden in clothes and on fabrics for about 6 to 12 hours. Normal washing products can destroy it. The virus does not resist the action of a detergent and it is for this reason that regular hand washing is already a very good barrier.

Concerning the action of temperature, opinions differ and at this stage observations have been made in certain countries where the decline in contamination is linked to higher temperatures.
Thus the ideal temperature for the development of the virus would be in an area around 10°C.

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