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The choice of a single-disc

It must be done by precisely defining the framework of use of your machine. There are indeed several types of single strokes. A single-disc machine is characterized by its rotation speed that goes from low speed, high speed to ultra high speed. The choice of rotation speed will result from the types of work that you can do.
The brands: we offer three major brands of single brush with Numatic, Nilfisk Alto and Taski who each have a recognized know-how and quality service.
Since 1981 our experience will allow us to advise you on the choice.

What are the types of single strokes

High Speed ??Monobrush
Monobrush with a rotation speed of between 380 and 450 rpm.
This machine is for buffing or polishing floors.
Their use is strictly limited to the spray method (polishing).
Bi-speed machine
The bi-speed machine has a selector allowing them to have two speeds of rotation.
A low speed speed (for example 190 rpm) and a double speed (380 rpm).
A single brush machine that will treat virtually all the tasks of stripping, cleaning carpets, spray buffing method, cleaning ... etc.
Ultra high speed machine
It is a machine whose speed is between 1200 rpm at 1500 rpm.
This machine advances in a straight line thanks to a stabilizing wheel on the front in addition to the two wheels common to all machines.
This machine is only for buffing very high speed thermoplastic floors treated by a metalization. The high speed of rotation will heat the surface, make it the most resistant and especially more brilliant with a "wet look" effect.

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Focus on

Fields of use of single spindles

It is the task that you will have to realize that will determine the choice of the machine and the reverse.
Indeed, depending on the type of operation to make the choice of the wrong equipment can be dangerous for the user and the risk of soil degradation.
- Soil removal: low speed single disc machine - black or brown disc see blue on delicate floors.
- Soil spray method: high speed single spindle 400 rpm - red single disc
- Soil cleaning: low speed monobrush - green single disc
- Carpet cleaning: low speed single disc machine - carpet or carpet brush
- Crystalization: low speed monobrush - steel wool disc
- Parquet stripping: low speed monobrush - micromesh disc or 3M Scotch tape
- Tile cleaning: low speed monobrush - perlon brush
- Scarification: low speed single brush machine with scarifier brush


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