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What solution for window cleaning

A window cleaning professional has time constraints and security access constraints that home users do not have.
As a result, the choice of a quality and adapted equipment will make it possible to obtain an intervention efficiency and this in complete safety, especially in the interventions at height.

Tools for window cleaning

The historical tool used for window cleaning is the window squeegee . It is a material that may seem simple and fairly basic but there are nevertheless major technical differences between the models available on the market.
First of all you will have to choose the width of the squeegee which goes from 25 cm width up to 105 cm. The two most used sizes in professional are the width in 35 cm and in 45 cm which alone represent more than 90% of the use.
There are several types of scrapers and we differentiate for example:
- Raclette Unger Ergotec Ninja which has a Triloc mechanism for a good fixation of the bar and a swiveling squeegee head.
- S-glass squeegee for standard applications with S-spring to change and lock the squeegee quickly.
- Unger Ergotec Raclette which is the classic Unger with a design and ergonomics adapted to all situations
The other component of the squeegee is the nature of the selected rubber squeegee which following the surface condition and the external conditions will not be the same.
There are indeed two hardnesses of rubber (soft or hard).
The other complementary tool is the window moistener which will allow to spread on the surface the water + soap solution and thus degrease the surface.
Last element that can be useful for access at height and this safely are of course the telescopic poles .
There are several systems in particular at Unger with the Optiloc, Teleplus and Unitec systems.
9 heights are available up to 10 meters reach while staying on the ground safely.

Cleaning in pure water, the professional solution

In recent years has appeared a solutions for window cleaning but also solar panel or washable surfaces type cladding using pure water whose interest is to leave no trace and remove the action of "scraping" and wiping.
Indeed, the cleaning with the squeegee is not always possible because of problems of access or surfaces to treat ...
If you have a solar panel field of several hundred (see thousands) m2, it is impossible to treat in conventional solution raclette!
Same thing for cleaning large exterior glass surfaces.
In this case the pure water cleaning kit is perfectly adapted.
It's kits offer poles with suitable heights and rigidities, water softeners (to have a water free of limestone and therefore without trace) and brushes adapted to the surface.

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Pure water, effective and up to 20 meters!

The glass cleaning solution and solar panel in pure water is now the reference solution.
With working heights up to 20 meters while remaining on the ground safely and with the guarantee to obtain an irreproachable result, pure water is the solution of big surfaces.
You can modulate the constitution of poles and brushes to adapt your solution to each intervention.
The advantages of the pure water cleaning solution are numerous:
The boom systems used allow to work safely up to 20 m while remaining on the ground.
Stop using dangerous ladders
Saving time and productivity
No more wiping or scraping windows
The gain is greater on large surfaces
No chemical use
No basket rental

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