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1Drying hands make your choice

A comparative study of different methods of drying hands, conducted by two scientists from the School of Biosciences at the University of Westminster in London, found that single-use hand towels were the most hygienic method of drying off before hands dry air blown or driven.

Three method of drying hands were involved in the study:
- The hand towel paper
- The electric hand dryer hot air
- The forced air hand dryers

The study on the theme of hand drying was conducted in two phases. She was to compare the number of bacteria on the hands of the subjects before and after being washed and dried.
The results of this study on drying hands is final. It is clear that a bacteriological point of view even if the new generation of hand dryers electric convection represents a change from the electric hand dryer with hot air, it is still by far the solution drying hands paper represents the most significant reduction in the presence of bacteria on the hands and especially on the palms and fingers with hand towels.

The other methods of drying hands, instead promote the proliferation of bacteria and even contribute to their transmission between users in an environment of 2 meters around the device.

In these times of pandemics repetitive, it is clear that hand hygiene is the heart of hygiene. Therefore IL important to remember that hand washing is essential but it must be accompanied by an appropriate method of drying does not negate the effects of soap.
The results in terms of number are:
The warm air hand dryers increase of 230.4% in the number of bacteria on the palms and 186.4% on the fingertips.
The forced air hand dryers increase average order of 52.8% the number of bacteria on the hands.
The paper towel dispenser reduces the number of bacteria by 44.6% to 77.9% on the palm and fingertips.

A study by the Institute Pasteur de Lille dating from June 1994 already showed results in the same direction in favor of the hand towel disposable paper.
In this study, it was drying hands with paper towel hand textile rental, dry hands with electric hand dryers and drying hands with paper towels.

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