Chicopee durawipe light cloth

Non-woven lint free cloth Chicopee

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Chicopee Durawipe is a lint-free non-woven cloth with a wide application spectrum: Kitchen, CHR, hospital, laboratory, clean room…

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All about chicopee durawipe light cloth

Chicopee durawipe light cloth has a format 43 x 36 pack of 25. Choosing a Boxer not only ensures superior wiping quality but also durable wiping.
This means that durawipe light is resistant to applications where paper-based wipers disintegrate. Ideal for any type of daily cleaning, from drying hands to maintenance and cleaning of machines to surface care.
The Boxer cloth can be used with water, detergents, or solvents without deterioration of the product during its wet application. The Boxer is available in different packaging, including a central unwinding reel and can therefore be easily used in a dispenser.
Resistant and durable
- Resists tearing and allows multiple uses.
Highly absorbent
- Boxer recovers all types of fluids quickly and efficiently.
Ideal for wet use - durawipe light stays intact and does not disintegrate like paper.
Bacteria resistant
- guarantees good hygiene.
Application areas:
Food industry.
Collective kitchen. CHR (Cafés, hotels, restaurants). Hospital, medical environment. Pharmaceutical industry. Laboratory.
Environment Clean Room. Cleaning the premises.
Sold in packs of 25.
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