liquid hand soap bottle 5 L

liquid hand soap bottle 5 L
Reference : EXEO226
Brand : Exeol
Sales unit : 1
Packaging : Can
Price : 1 Can et plus 7,6€
2 Can et plus 6,6€

Hand wash gel for daily cleaning of hands in communities, EP, CHR, industries, hospitals and medical environments ...
• Tested under dermatological control.
• Cleans effectively and gently with plant-based cleansing agents.
• Creamy foam, leaves hands soft and pleasantly scented.
• Floral fragrance without allergen * conforms to IFRA, guarantee of safety for the user and the environment.
• Complies with the NF T 75-611 standard for evaluating the antimicrobial protection of cosmetic products.
* As defined in the list of 26 fragrance substances (or fragrances) identified as allergenic by the European Scientific Committee for Consumer Cosmetics and Non-Food Products (SNCCP).


1- Place a 2 ml dose in the hollow of wet hands. 2- Friction.
3- Rinse thoroughly. 4- Dry thoroughly with a disposable paper towel.

Technical characteristics:

Color: pearly pink
Fragrance: floral without allergen *
Density> 1
pH: 7.00

Precautions for use:

Do not mix with other products. Do not swallow. In case of accidental splashing in the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Fill clean and disinfected dispensers.
Close the packaging after use. Reproduce the labeling if transferring to another container. Keep out of the reach of children.
Professional product.